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Membership Requirements/Investigation Rules



  1. Membership is on a voluntary basis. Members are not paid employees.
  2. Members must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Members must not have a criminal record.
  4. Members must be drug free.
  5. Members must be smoke free and alcohol free while investigating for ParaPatrol.
  6. Must be willing to travel up to 100 miles from home.
  7. Must be professional and maintain a clean appearance during investigations.
  8. Must be willing to follow ParaPatrol's investigation policies.
  9. Must be willing to participate in continuing education and training with ParaPatrol



  1. There is no smoking on an investigation.
  2.  Drinking and/or illegal drug use during any of the organization's business activities or investigations will not be tolerated.  Anyone found drinking, intoxicated, or using illegal drugs will be immediately and permanently dismissed from the organization.
  3. Members are expected to attend monthly meetings and participate in educational research and discussion.
  4. Members are expected to participate in investigations.
  5. Members will only be allowed to participate in investigations if they are available to see the investigation from beginning to end, including analysis of data, historical research, and interpretation.
  6. Members will take due and proper care when handling and using the equipment belonging to the organization.
  7. Members may use their own cameras/equipment on an investigation after registering them with the organization. All camera's settings must be approved by the team leader or an executive board member prior to the investigation. 
  8. ParaPatrol will not be held responsible for the safety of personal equipment used on an investigation.
  9. ParaPatrol will not be held responsible for personal injuries incurred during any ParaPatrol activity.
  10. Parapatrol is not responsible for the loss of  personal items taken along on an investigation (pocketbooks, wallets, money, credit cards, etc). Please take only what is necessary.
  11. Outside pictures will not be taken in the rain, snow, fog, or when cold produces visible breath .Pictures taken facing the sun or with the sun's rays in the camera lens is prohibited.
  12. Camera straps are prohibited on investigations.
  13. Attempts by a member to falsify any type of evidence - photos , EVPs, video, historical research  will result in immediate dismissal.
  14. Any member who falsely claims to have channeling or medium abilitites and attempts to use this ability during investigations will be promptly dismissed. ParaPatrol does not use mediums or ouiji boards in its investigations. Mediums with credentials will only be used in special circumstances as determined by the executive board.
  15. ParaPatrol does not charge for its services but accepts free will donations which can only be used for business related travel expenses and for the purchase and maintenance of investigational equipment.
  16. ParaPatrol does not perform cleansing or exorcism. If either are necessary, we will place the client in contact with the appropriate specialists.
  17. Our clients' privacy is of utmost importance. Members will not discuss names and addresses of cases with anyone outside of the organization.
  18. Our clients' property will be treated carefully and respectfully taking the utmost care not to damage or break items during an investigation.
  19. Parapatrol will not  trespass.
  20. Parapatrol will notify proper authorities in advance when investigating  an outside location such as a cemetery.
  21. Parapatrol will speak to potential spirits politely and respectfully. We do not harass or antagonize spirits.


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