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Investigator Doug
checking for EMF in the bathroom

Looking down the hallway

Investigators Kevin and Mary
during and EVP session at the end of the investigation

Investigator Kevin
preparing video camera for investigation

Pre-Investigation consisted of interviewing the home owner/resident, mapping the residence and documenting areas where EMF is high due to electrical appliances or equipment, photographs, performing and documenting baseline temperature and EMF readings in all rooms including the cellar, investigating all doors and objects involved in reported activity, and performing an EVP session in the room with a history of the most activity.
The results of the pre-invesitgation were as follows:
Reported activity by client:   Some of the activity reported includes clicking noises, computer issues, alarm system problems, missing items, the sound of the vanity doors in the bathroom opening and closing, the smell of cigarette smoke in certain areas of the home although no one smokes in the family.
Photographs - negative for paranormal phenomena
EMF - abnormally high in the area of the thermostat and the master bedroom phone
EVP session - negative
Team #1: Investigators Mary and Doug. The client accompanied team #1.
Team #2: Investigators Jayne and Kevin. Investigator in training - Lisa.

Each team was equipped with a video camera, EMF meters, a Trifield meter, a K2 meter, digital cameras and digital voice recorders.

We set up 4 IR video cameras to capture the most of the ranch-style home including the hallway, the bathroom vanity doors, the living room and the kitchen. Base camp which includes the monitor for the 4 IR cameras was located in the basement of the house. This would also serve as a waiting area for the 2nd team while the first team investigated the main living area.

Results of the Investigation:

Team #2 received K2 meter hits in response to questions in the kitchen. The Trifield meter correlated with the hits on the K2 meter. The team was not near any electrical appliances that could cause this phenomena. All cell phones are turned off duiring the investigation, therefore data transmission which can set off the K2 meter is eliminated.

Video, IR video, and digital photograhs: all negative for paranormal phenomena.

Digital Voice Recordings: We obtained a few EVPs which may be heard below.

Conclusion:  Although we obtained a few EVPs, that is not reason enough to conclude that the house is haunted. EVPs can be recorded at almost any location and by itself is not indicative of a haunt.


Invesitgator Mary: Does everyone who is here like dogs?
EVP:  Not particularly

EVP: Don't jerk me off.

Investigator Jayne: Hold on - it's reflection.
Investigator Lisa: It is?
Investigator Jayne: Yeh-it's these glasses.
EVP: This is crazy. Glasses.
Investigator Jayne: It's a reflection
Investigator Kevin: OK

Investigator Jayne: Can you play the piano for us?  Will you play a note for us, press a key.
Investigator Lisa: Just like The Changling.
EVP: Is that you, Mary?
Investigator Lisa: Did you see that movie?

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