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Templeton Common Burial Ground

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Almost all of our photos at the Templeton Common Burial Ground contained orbs. Orbs are frequently dust particles, dirt, rain, or snow. The weather was cool but dry; no rain, no snow, no fog.  Below is one example of an orb.


Photo taken 2007

Mist or ectoplasm is believed to be a kind of paranormal energy.  Smoke, fog, breath vapor on a cold  night can all be mistaken for mist or ectoplasm. We do not allow smoking on an investigation, nor will we take pictures in rain, snow, or fog or when it is cold enough to produce visible breath.
This is an example of mist or ectoplasm captured in one of our photos taken at the Templeton Common Burial Ground. We did not see this with our naked eye. 


Photo taken 2007


The Templeton Common Burial Ground is on the National Register of Historic Places. The site was established in 1754 and the first known burial in 1757. The last burial was in 1950. In November 2007, Investigator Jayne took some nightime photos in the cemetery (see above), The mist is in the above picture is considered paranormal so it was decided to perform a formal investigation of the area.


5/12/08 Daylight
Investigators present: Mary and Jayne
Investigators Mary and Jayne took many digital photographs and videotape of the cemetery. All photos and videotape were negative for paranormal activity. We also checked the entire cemetery for EMF with a Trifield Meter.The entire cemetery was negative for EMF. We examined the cemetery for any reflective items such as trans cans, water faucets, etc that might interfere with our night investigation and marked those items on a map. 
7/19/08 NIGHT
Lead Investigator: Mary
Investigators present: Jayne and Amie
Hundreds of still photos and hours of videotape were negative for paranormal activity. EMF readings using the TriField Meter were negative. No sudden temperature changes were experienced or documented.
Two EVP sessions were performed. One in the lower cemetery and the other in the upper cemetery.
The EVP session performed in the lower cemetery was negative for spirit voices. The EVP session performed in the upper cemetery was rather interesting. Investigator Jayne was just preparing to ask the spirits to make a loud noise to indicate their presence when a very loud explosion was heard in the distance. The explosion is followed by a comment by the investigator and then 2 spirit voices.


A loud explosion is heard.
Investigator: "I was just going to ask you to make a loud noise. HA - that's funny.
EVP Voice #1: "It isn't"
EVP Voice #2: "Loosen up"

Unedited version

Edited version: explosion removed/noise filtered and tempo decreased slightly

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