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Private Residence in Brookline, Ma.


Private Residence Brookline, Ma.

EVP Session - Preinvestigation

Client's roofdeck where footsteps are heard

Mary listening for real time EVP

Doug conducting an EVP session

Interview:  Client has seen dog gate open twice on its own. She saw an untouched wine glass tip over and tip over again after it was righted. She has heard a voice and a sneeze in her condo when no one else was home. She has witnessed her armoire door open on it's own and has witnessed items falling off of flat surfaces for no apparent reason. She hears what sounds like someone running on her roofdeck at night sometimes several times a week and when she runs to the roof there is no one there.
Friends and relatives are uncomfortable in the guest bedroom, They feel that they are not alone. This room is where most people have a feeling of being watched. It is also a room with an EMF of 1.0-1.6 milligauss throughout the room.
Preliminary Readings:  We scanned the entire home with a Trifield meter for electromagnetic fields due to electrical current.  We noted the EMF values locations on our floor plans for future reference during our nightime investigation.
Photos: We took hundreds of photos on our preinvestigation all negative for paranormal evidence.
EVP Sessions: We conducted two EVP sessions in the areas where the most activity is said to occur: the dining room and the spare bedroom. We used a K2 meter which has a series of LEDs that light up in the presence of electromagnetic fields. The higher the electromagnetic field (EMF), the more LEDs are lit. We used the K2 meter as a means for the spirit to communicate with us. A "yes" response results in an increase in the number of LEDs lit whereas a "no" response results in a decreased number of LEDs lit.
In the dining room, we received some responses to our questions but the responses were inconsistent and inconclusive.
In the guest bedroom, the K2 meter remained steady with the the normal one LED lit. During the EVP session, three LEDs lit up briefly and the Trifield meter indicated a rise in EMF from 1.0 milligauss to 3 milligauss. During that EMF spike, we recorded a class A EVP. The EVP was a male voice who said "It's Richard and Terry". 
Investigation: Two teams of two investigators per team investigated two floors and the roof deck for approximately 4 hours. Each team had a voice recorder that remained on throughout the investigation. We had 4 IR surveillence cameras, a video camera and a game camera running throughout the investigation in different areas of the home. Each team also had a thermometer, an EMF meter, a K2 meter and a digital camera.
Results: 528 digital photos, 4 hours of video, and 4 hours of IR video were all negative for paranormal activity.
Team 1 (Investigators Kevin and Doug) witnessed a spike in the K2 meter from one light to two and sometimes three lights on the roof deck. This was accompanied by a drop in temperature from 75 degrees Farenheit to 59 degrees Farenheit in a 6 inch radius of the meter.
When Team 2 was in the first floor living room on the first floor they heard what sounded like someone stomping above them either on the 2nd floor or on the roof deck. We were able to capture this on our digital voice recorder. Click here to listen to the stomping above us.
When Team 2 was in the upstairs master bedroom they heard walking above them on the roof deck. Noone was on the roof deck.
Although both teams received responses to questions on the K2 meter, the most memorable K2 response occurred when Team 2 was investigating the spare bedroom. We asked the spirit if it knew the Red Sox score for the game that was played that evening. The K2 meter lit up 14 times in succession and then stopped for approximately 15 seconds and lit up once more. I thought it was indicating a score of 14 to 1 but thought that was far-fetched. We accessed the internet immediately and saw that the score was indeed 14 to 1.
EVP: We obtained several EVPs during our investigation and during the EVP session. We also obtained "knocking" in the spare bedroom in response to our questions. The knocks often time correlated with spikes in EMF as witnessed on the K2 meter. We did not hearing any knocks when we investigated the spare bedroom prior to the EVP session.

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