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  • The Treasurer is responsible for collecting monthly dues of $5 from all members and for accurately recording payments in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The spreadsheet should be backed up to external media at the end of each month in the event of a hard drive crash.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for sending out late notices. The Treasurer may grant extensions of a max of 1 month due to hardship. If there are extenuating circumstances or if a member is in arrears for greater than 2 months, the treasurer will notify the president.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for reporting the account total at each monthly meeting so that it can be logged into the meeting minutes. If the Treasurer cannot attend a meeting, the account total must be emailed to the organization prior to the meeting date.
  • The dues will be used to benefit ParaPatrol, but not any individual member. Money can only be withdrawn after an official vote by the organization followed by written notification to the treasurer by the president and copied to the organization.

Application for Treasurer Position

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