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  • The Webmaster must have the ability to update the website using either the website builder/editor supplied by the web host or a compatible program.
  • The Webmaster must update the website in a timely fashion when there are changes to policies and procedures, when there are new members, when there are investigation results and at the request of the organization's president.
  • The Webmaster must always keep an up-to-date backup of the site.
  • The Webmaster must know HTML for use on the website.
  • The Webmaster should have some training and experience in web design. They will keep the website neat and uncluttered and pages should be kept as short as possible utilizing more links to other pages.
  • The Webmaster will maintain the Amazon Associate site, checking monthly for items that are no longer available in the store. These items will be removed and replaced with similar items that are available.
  • The Webmaster must be able to work with audio, video, and photo files on the website. Audio will be uploaded to the website as MP3 files.
  • There will be no advertising for businesses unrelated to paranormal on the website, including links to personal websites.
  • The Webmaster must know how to use metatags.
  • The Webmaster must look for ways to improve the number of hits the site receives.
  • The Webmaster should notify the members whenever the website has been updated with something new.


Application for Webmaster Position

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