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  • The Editor in Chief is responsible for distributing a professional-looking ParaPatrol e-newsletter to the distribution list.
  • The Editor in Chief is responsible for making sure the material written on any subject matter is accurate information. Research may be necessary in order to ascertain the accuracy of the information.
  • The Editor in Chief is required to follow up and make sure that all members who volunteered to write an article or submission for the newsletter have done so by the deadline.
  • The Editor in Chief has the final say on what does and does not make the newsletter.
  • The Editor in Chief is directly responsible to make editorial decisions that are ethical and that do not in any way misquote or change the meaning of another person's statement.
  • The Editor in Chief is responsible for proofreading the newsletter prior to submission for typographical and grammatical errors.
  • The Editor in Chief is responsible for adding subscriptions sent to him to the distribution list in a timely manner.

Application for Editor-in-Chief Position

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