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Lead Investigator

  • Lead Investigators must be full members of ParaPatrol for at least 2 years before applying for this position.
  • Lead Investigators are trained in all phases of the investigation.
  • Lead Investigators oversee all investigations and share in the responsibility of the entire investigation.
  • Lead investigators are considered experts in set up and know how to use all of the ghost hunting equipment used by ParaPatrol.
  • Lead Investigators supervise the team, help and offer assistance, help train new members, approve cases and also investigate.
  • There must be at least one Lead Investigator at every phase of the investigation.
  • Lead Investigators must follow all rules and protocols set by the organization.
  • Lead Investigators have strong leadership ability and lead by example.
  • Lead Investigators must participate in the analysis after each investigation.
  • Lead Investigators must have the ability to think rationally and to analyze evidence critically.

Appilcation for Lead Investigator Position

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