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Debunked Photos

Debunked Photos
When we capture an anomaly on film, we try to debunk it. If we can't debunk it, we ask colleagues for their opinions. If our colleagues cannot debunk it then we may post the photo as paranormal. If we still have doubts we will send the photo out for expert analysis. If the analysis suggests that the anomaly is not paranormal, we will remove the photo from our investigation area on the website and place it in this category called "Debunked Photos." It is extremely important to us that we present our evidence/findings honestly and accurately.


Gilson Road Cemetery: Nashua, NH

Photo taken with a telephoto lens at 6X.  Expert analyst assumed there was a branch at a distance that caused the green blur. I returned to the exact location in daylight to examine the area for tree branches (pine trees, etc) which may have been in the view of the lens.There were no branches anywhere near the area of the camera's viewfinder. This picture remains a mystery.

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