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Gilson Road Cemetery Nashua, NH

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Investigation Phase
9/6/2008 Afternoon
First Pre-Investigation
Weather was clear and comfortable with a slight occasional breeze. Investigator scanned entire cemetery with a Trifield EMF meter and took approximately 81 digital photographs using an Olympus SLR E-410 of the cemetery and the woods surrounding the cemetery. Investigator also carried Sony digital voice recorder with external microphone. Time spent in cemetery was approximately 1 hour.

Stone wall and woods in back of cemetery

Gilson Rd Cemetery

EMF was negative.
All photographs were negative for paranormal phenomena.
One EVP was captured near the  back stone wall separating the cemetery from the woods. EVP may be heard below.

Investigator: "Come on, don't be a wimp. Show yourself."
EVP: "Please come back".

Both versions have been editied in varying amounts to amplify and remove background noise without removing or changing the EVP.

2nd Pre-Investigation
2nd visit for photographs and EVP.

Weather was mixture of sun and clouds after a morning of rain showers.


note the red globe on the stone wall

we cannot identify this anomaly at this time

Investigator Mary was attempting to take a photo of a chipmunk but the camera would not auto focus.
Investigator:(speaking to the spirits):  "Was that you causing her camera to be blurry?"
EVP Voice 1 (female): "That's a silly question".
EVP Voice 2 (female): "Very stupid".
EVP Voice 3 (female): "Very stupid".
EVP Voice 4 (female): "Very stupid".
EVP Voice 4 (male): "Very stupid."

3rd Pre-Investigation
Weather was cool and dry.
We made a thrid visit to the cemetery to draw a map of the area;  to perform a baseline scan of the cemetery again with a Trifield Meter for EMF and to obtain more photographs and EVP.

Investigator Amie mapping the area

Baseline EMF was negative. No EVP obtained on this visit. No positive photographs.


Final Investigation

Weather was cool with periods of light rain. Breath was not visible. All 409 digital photos were negative, video was negative and EMF was negative. At one point we thought we saw "eyes" in the woods, but upon further investigation it was merely tree fruit. (see photo below). We did capture some EVP but not as clear as earlier visits.

eyes in the woods (Click on image to enlarge)

eyes debunked

Bats were everywhere
Amie's best capture of the night

We were not happy to see this
Evidence of satanic rituals

Investigator Amie heard a noise and stated "If that was you, that was great."
EVP: (whispered)"It was me; (normal voice) I know - that was great."

Investigator: "Hello"
EVP: "Hello"

Investigator Amie (asking the spirits): "Were you thinking of a gun?"
EVP: (sounds like) "Sharon Keeson"

As always, if anyone hears anything different, please email us.

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