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Incinerator for Westboro State Hospital in Westborough, Ma

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Located along a public nature trail lies an outside incinerator used by the Westborough Insane Asylum . On the floor we found old empty unmarked medicine vials; microscope slides mounted with specimens; pieces of an old newpaper dating back to the late 1950s; and modern day debris.

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Electrical Box?

Microscope Slide

Back Room


EVP At Incinerator 5/25/08

EVP: "She's Brave"
Investigator: "Boy, She's really brave"
EVP: "I know it" or "I noticed"

editied: speed decreased/denoised

Investigator: "These are usually all I wear in the winter, so..I mean summer."
EVP: "Winter"

edited: speed decreased

EVP At Incinerator 5/31/08

Investigator shut digital recorder off just after this EVP
EVP:  "Blonde"

Investigators packed up and ready to leave.
EVP: "Let's go"

Investigator: Mentioning items getting ready says "And this camera"
EVP: "I love you baby"

Investigator: "See all that"
EVP: "Course Not"

Investigator: "Anyone here?"
EVP: "I love her. Don't you love her too?"

EVP At Incinerator 8/24/08

Investigator: "This was hidden from public view"
 Within that sentence near the word "hidden" you hear "why?" which is the EVP.
After that sentence the first investigator says "Why?" followed by the second investigator who says "Right, why?" "You know" "Exactly"

Investigators are talking and they overlap sentences. One investigator says: " I had that problem the last time I was here". The second investigator finishes her sentence "It won't shut off now either". Investigators were referring to problem with camera. Immediately after there are 3 voices:
1st voice says "The last"
2nd voice says "The last"
3rd voice which sounds like the 1st voice says "Your last time here".

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